Magna Projects Pvt. the leading Bullion Business houses of Kolkata. The company was incorporated on 27.2.1996 and dealing in bullion since 2001.The activity of Magna Projects Private Limited has taken a sharp upward trend from 2003 onwards.

The management of the company is run under the able leadership of its Chairman cum Managing Director Mr. Shashikant Shinde.

The core activity involves trading in bullions. The operational procedure can be attributed to buying gold from banks and selling it to jewellers.

The company maintains good rapport with its customers as low cost supplier and has a strong presence in the above mentioned areas.

The company has a team of practically experienced personnel in different positions.

The success in this nature of business lies in proper pricing for its customers and delivery of bullions at a faster pace. Two executive directors are directly involved in this activity.The company maintains upgraded technological information structure for pricing..

Board of Directors

Shashikant Shinde is the Chairman cum Managing Director of the company. He is a science graduate by qualification and looks over the overall activities of the company. He has more than 20 years in the gold trading and gold refining business.

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